Knockoff Superheroes – Better Than The Originals?

The world is full of knock offs. There are knock offs for everything from handbags to diamond rings. When I saw this though, I couldn’t believe it. Did you know that there are knock off superheroes too? My son always jokes to me that almost everything in his bedroom says “Made in China” on the bottom, so it should come as no surprise to me that these are Chinese.

In my opinion, these knockoffs carry an awesomeness all their own. There is something very intriguing about “Specialman” instead of Superman, “RobertCop” instead of RoboCop and “Spader-Man” instead of Spider-Man. I’d buy one of these for a dollar if I ever saw it at a garage sale. I’d put it on my geek shelf in my office for giggles. Oh, and just for fun, I included a picture below of the elderly superheroes. The nasty looking Wonder Woman and Hulk in a wheelchair have just officially freaked me out.

[via geekstir, enmodefashion]