LeDIX Origine: Limited Insane Cell Phone For Luxurious Geeks

There is a great deal of consumer cell phones out there that go down in price with each day that passes. What is cool today is ultimately old news tomorrow. That’s the lifestyle a geek lives by, and to some extent, it is seriously true. New technologies are revealed each day, and we frolic in them until the next “cool” thing arrives at our feet. And that’s in an increasing pace to say the least. We’re used to cell phones being revealed, marketed and sold only to become retro a few months later. It’s just the landscape of how technology works these days.

However, there are still products out there that can tickle our fancy and maintain their momentum and value no matter how old they get. Those things are usually limited edition items. The Celcius X VI II LeDIX Oirine cell phone is a perfect example of that. It’s developed by Celcius X VI II, and by the look of it, it’s a hell of a cell phone if you ask me. It’s almost on the border of being too techy and cool, and it’s somewhat steampunk if you will.

The clam shell cell phone sports a tourbillion watch combined with a cell phone, and it has some rather geeky features. How about a futuristic slot for your battery and a casing made completely out of titanium? The feature list is way too long to be incorporated into this post, but check out their official website and let your mind get twisted only to spiral back into madness. It’s too cool for words!