Lego Beer Machine Opens & Cools Your Beer Like A Boss

I bet some of you are ready for the weekend to embrace you. Well, it’s only Thursday morning here as I am writing this, so it will still be a couple more days until you can break free from the claws of work. For some people, the weekend is all about relaxation and fun. Here at Bit Rebels we value your awesome support so much that we don’t really take weekends, and that’s all by choice of course. The feeling of being able to deliver you the latest news within social media, tech, design and geek gives us the necessary energy to keep going, week after week. But then again, a cold brewski is not wrong when you have had a long never-ending week with a lot of excitement, right?

Now that the weather is starting to bring warmer winds, it is increasingly harder to keep that crisp beer cold, and opening it is something that seems to be a whole endeavor after a long week. So what do you do then? Well, you bust out the old bucket of Lego and start building. YouTuber Nxt1engineer knows exactly what that is like, and the creator of this Lego Beer Machine has pinpointed the solution for this quite annoying problem that we all go through.

I can’t get over how intricate this build is, and how much fun it would be to have one of these in my kitchen when I have a party. You choose what beer you want by clickin on one of two choices. The beer is then automatically transported to the spot where the Lego mechanics will open it. When that is done, it is once again automatically transported to the chilling area for a turbo chill. Then you are served the beer, and you can kick back and enjoy the weekend like a boss. See, when there is Lego in your house, there is always a solution to your problems.


Via: [Technabob]