LEGO Goes Badass: The Plastic Figurines Now Have Tattoos!

LEGO certainly seems to have no boundaries when it comes to creativity and the number of people who still find it to be one of the best pastimes they could have. It just so happens that LEGO is producing way more cool stuff that we never get to check out since they find it not to be broad enough for their market, and thus they scrap the ideas. Many of those ideas go into a vault that we could only dream of checking out for real one day.

LEGO has now gone badass! Why you might ask? Well, it’s not really LEGO’s decision to reach out to one of today’s most controversial body art forms, tattoos. In an attempt to load up on customers PILOT (maker of fine pens) decided to hire an advertising agency to get themselves to be the talk of the town (or, the world really, and it seems to be working, right?).

The Gray Agency in Barcelona took the chance and created what would become one of the coolest ever advertising campaigns involving LEGO figurines. The product up for advertising was the “PILOT Extra-Fine” pen and boy did they put it to good use. With it, they drew intricate and the most painstakingly precise tattoos you can think of. Remember that these bad boys are not much bigger than your thumb. That’s what I call “Extra-Fine!”