LEGO Mug Offers The Ultimate Creativity For Office Junkies

It is Sunday today, and I thought I would take a break from writing about the ever so inspiring technology breakthroughs and concentrate on some geek stuff instead. And what could be more geeky than LEGO, right? LEGO junkies all over the world are continuously trying to find new ways to implement LEGO into their lives, and this time around, it’s the coffee mug that has gotten a makeover. Well, it’s not exactly an ordinary mug, so it’s more like a geeky LEGO mug makeover.

It’s once again ThinkGeek that has made available one of the geekiest items yet in 2013. It’s actually called the Build-On Brick Mug, and it will have your creativity flourishing even during that important meeting of yours. I mean, what other than LEGO could help you get ultimately creative, right?

Now you will have the creativity to pimp out that coffee LEGO mug of yours in any way you want. All you need is to bust out those boxes of LEGO you have hidden under your bed and get to work. Heck, bring a backpack load to work and start building. Sure, your coworkers will most likely think you have a screw loose (or maybe you lost a brick), but hey, your creativity will get a workout, and that’s all that matters.

This LEGO mug is, as I said, made available by ThinkGeek and will only set you back $19.99. It’s not exactly a hefty price to be able to build whatever coffee cup your heart desires. The only thing missing now, which can’t be bought, is your creativity. What will you build and how many LEGO blocks are you going to spend on pimpin’ that LEGO mug out? You better bring a few since I have a sneaky suspicion that all of those geek LEGO blocks won’t stay on that LEGO mug of yours for very long. LEGO has that effect on people and they (your coworkers) are most likely going to start picking them off a few at a time in order to build themselves something geeky. The wonderful uses of LEGO are unmeasurable. Once again, LEGO really is the solution to everything.

ThinkGeek’s Build-On Brick LEGO Mug