Lego Portal: Micro Builds With Insane Detail

As we have stated so many times before, Lego has a million uses and the number of different things you can build are unlimited in so many ways. It’s no secret that there has been a huge focus on building the largest most epic builds to impress people online to the max. This is of course really time consuming, and the end result might not get the viral display that you were after when you started your build. However, in a world where everything is judged by its awesomeness and not the amount of energy and time you have spent creating it, it is way easier to take the shortcut path instead. It just might yield the same result if you have managed to execute the project in the very best way.

I totally think that Lego fanatic and builder Legohaulic‘s Lego Portal micro builds are on the same level as any epic build I have ever seen. These are replicas of the P-Body and Atlas characters from Portal, and they are freaking awesome. The detail is superb, and they are spot on lookalikes compared to the ones in the game. I don’t know how these builders manage to cramp so much detail in there without using a lot of blocks or blowing up the scale to preposterous proportions.

These two characters have become giants in the gaming community, and it’s about time they get their very own clones in pure Lego. I like it when builders spend so much time figuring out how they can perfectly replicate what they see in front of them on a screen, and they do so with a minimum number of blocks. Comparing these to some of the epic builds that we have featured here on Bit Rebels is difficult since I think these are awesome on so many levels. Epic builds just front their way of being… huge. Everything has its own impressive factor and to do a fair comparison wouldn’t be possible, I guess.




Via: [UFunk – French]