Lego Printer – Simply Amazing!

LEGO is a brand that I grew up loving. The colorful bricks are a way for many people to unleash their creativity. It may be a very simple toy, but it truly provides hours and hours of fun. There are so many things that you can build with LEGO. The only limit is the limit you give your own creativity and imagination. People have even built space crafts, human sculptures and dioramas with just LEGO bricks.

I found another cool item that was built using LEGO. I think it’s truly amazing. It is simple, just like your dot matrix type of printer. You may think it’s primitive, but I think it is still very cool and really appeals to our geek side. Imagine having moving parts and a felt tip pen to write out what you have typed on your computer. The builder hooked the LEGO printer onto his mac and viola, he has created the LEGO printer.