Lego Stop Motion: 3 Star Wars Movies Retold In 2 Minutes

There have been many attempts to try and summon the Star Wars movies into posters, designs, icons and even in parts of the episodes in Lego. However, there have never been, to my knowledge, an attempt to compile all the three prequels into one fast and understandable… well, Lego stop motion movie. There is a lot to be excited about here, and you know it. First we have Star Wars, which I know most of us like and enjoy looking at the mash-ups about, but there is also Lego, and on top of that, it’s a stop motion movie. You might be about to have yourself the most thrilling and informational moment of your life. If you have ever felt that time isn’t enough, this Lego stop motion video will certainly help you save some time since all three prequels are bundled together.

The cool thing about YouTube is that you can find pretty much anything you are interested in. The fact that you can find entertainment to fill your entire daily schedule is even cooler; however, quite time consuming if you can’t put it down and start doing what you are supposed to do. YouTuber dzine123 doesn’t exactly help you in the endeavor to get off YouTube and be productive with this awesome Lego stop motion clip.

The wonderful thing about the evolution of Lego stop motion is that they get better and better with each one that is released. This one is no exception, and the frames of the clip and the directing are quite amazing if you keep in mind that it’s actually Lego we’re talking about. Before you know it, you will find that you are entirely captivated by the story telling, and you just want it to continue, on and on and on. However, there is an end to everything, and this happens to be after 2 minutes and 21 seconds. Wonderful is never long enough, enjoy it while you can. There is only one first impression so treasure it.

Star Wars Prequels Lego Movie