Loved To Death: The Oddness Of A Broken Heart [Infographic]

Through the centuries there have been a bunch of crazy reports of people, especially kings and queens, who have gone into such a deep depression that they have started to showcase some exceptionally odd behaviors.  Some people just don’t handle traumatic experiences too well; and therefore, they become incapable of understanding what’s right and what’s wrong.  When these people have no one to tell them what to do, the situation quickly gets out of hand.  These odd behaviors have been analyzed and researched throughout history and still they aren’t considered any less weird, quite the contrary really.

Did you know that you really can die from a broken heart?  Elephants are the only animal on record that can fall into such a deep depression if a family member or a partner dies, they can completely stop eating, drinking and even stop following their own herd.  When they get too weak, they lay down.  Their own weight is so heavy, they are unable to stand up because they are too weak from not eating.  They can just die by the side of their loved one.  It’s a truly heartbreaking behavior.  What if some humans were able to display the same behavior?

iMortuary put together an infographic that delivers quite a heavy punch to what some people through our history have done when faced with a loved one falling off to the other side.  If you thought the world was weird, take a look at this!

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Historic Timeline Of Death Infographic