Low Landings – A Little Bit Too Close?

Recently I was in one of my most, should I say, life altering experiences I have ever been involved in. It was during a landing in Germany at the International Airport in Hamburg. We were about 10 minutes away from landing when suddenly there was a HUGE bang and a bright light outside the window on the right side of the plane. It was a lightning bolt striking way to close to the plane. Everyone in the plane got dead quite and you could see the more “Cool” guys trying to act like nothing happened. After a couple of minutes you could see everyone starting to whisper to each other. The weird thing about the whole event was that the pilot never said anything about it.

When we 10 minutes later landed we had those horrible crosswinds (that the Hamburg airport is widely famous about) which added to the feeling that once I got off the plane I would start WALKING back home to Sweden.

Anyways, those memories was brought back to me when I saw what must be quite a sight when having a completely quiet and relaxing day by the beach. You lie there. Zipping on your drink while getting a tan in the sun. The waves are pounding the shore calmly and you, for just one tiny second, feel like you’re in heaven on earth.

Then this happens… (pause the clip right when it passes the beach to see how close the plane actually is!)