Luke & Vader Light Switch Hack For The Extreme Star Wars Fan

The battle between good and evil has always made for the most thrilling storytelling. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the future or in the past, the world will always see good and evil and the power struggles between them. One of the most epic adventures ever displayed on the silver screen is of course Star Wars and the constant struggle that good and evil fight. As a geek, now you can incorporate a little bit of that into your everyday life with the help of this light switch hack.

The conflict between iconic characters Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker reaches a fevered pitch when it’s revealed that Dart Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. I don’t think any movie scene from a science fiction movie has resonated so much throughout the years as the one when Luke Skywalker finds out that information. But how can you really incorporate that into your life as a geek with the help of a light switch hack? I mean, what does a light switch hack has to do with that anyways?

Well, all you really need is a sharpie in order to finalize your Luke & Vader light switch hack. Basically what you do is color one of the “sides” black (preferably the side that turns the light off), and you leave the other side white. The light switch hack is complete once you put the light switch cover back on, and that is when you can start practicing your light or dark side in a more conventional fashion.

This simple yet extremely geeky light switch hack is a brain child of Larissa Holland, a frequent user of Zazzle and an adventurer in the constantly morphing land of her imagination. This hack was almost not included into her portfolio of awesome creations, but was luckily added to it at the last minute due to its awesomeness and high geek value. I bet there are plenty of you out there who are itching to get started. It’s a five minute project that could potentially become a centerpiece when you invite people to your house. If not, then it’s at least one of the best conversation starters you can ever incorporate into your living quarters. Are you geek enough to decide what side it should be on?

Luke & Vader Light Switch Hack



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