Lululemon: The Hoodie That Converts Into A Pillow

Are you one of those people that can fall asleep just about anywhere? Good for you then. Well, I am not sleeping much at all, and it’s been kind of my curse since many years back. The reason isn’t the lack or relaxation or anything in that area. It’s just that I can’t sleep. However, that might be a thing of the past because I think I have found the perfect solution for me. It’s not therapy, medication or some wonky new age humbug about aligning the stars into the right patterns which will make me fall asleep. Nope, it’s a pure and simple invention created by the people over at the fashion athletic-wear company Lululemon.

So what it is? Well, it’s a hoodie of course! Now most of you will start brainstorming trying to figure out what the heck a hoodie has to do with it. As I know you read the title (which was probably the reason why you are checking out this article in the first place) you have probably figured out that it converts into a pillow. It’s been dubbed the “Scuba“.

And it’s a rather comfortable pillow as well, I might add, by the look of it. By folding and zipping up the hoodie (AFTER you have taken it off) you will be able to use it as a pillow. As a few people have pointed out, there of course is a downside to it as well. Using it as a pillow might require you to ask for a blanket cause without the hoodie you will most likely get cold. Hmm, that’s quite a nut to crack if you ask me. You can’t have one without the other, or something like that.

The price for this badboy is a low $118 per hoodie. For that price you’ll get a pillow as well so what’s to argue about?