Mad Japanese Music Video Uses 250 Canon 60D DLSR Cameras

I usually don’t get impressed by technology anymore. There’s a simple reason for that, and it has to do with the fact that we get to see a lot of weird, cool and amazing stuff here at Bit Rebels on a daily basis. You kind of get used to it really fast. I don’t think I have been impressed by any of Apple’s 3 latest keynotes actually, and I must say that they have been kind of expected. However, when things are taken to a whole different level, there is definitely a reason to be impressed. For example, if a company showed you a cell phone with a screen twice the size of the one on the iPhone, you wouldn’t be too impressed, would you? If they showed you a similar cell phone with the same size screen yet the screen was able to project a hologram in the air in front of you, then you would be impressed.

Well, this time around it has all to do with a music video. The music video in itself isn’t too much to celebrate (at least that’s what I feel personally), but it is the technology behind it that will make your whole head start spinning in ultra speed. The fact that they used 250 Canon 60D DLSR cameras mounted on a steel frame is enough reason to be cheerful. However, that’s not at all where this ends.

The flashes of the cameras are turned into a whole interconnected pixel screen. So what does that mean? Well, each camera is connected to a huge motherboard which controls the flashes with a computer. The flashes can create any pattern and even animate whatever you feel like putting up there. 250 camera flashes going off at the same time is quite an impressing task. However, I would suggest you not to watch this if you’re an epileptic because flickering like this has been known to cause serious seizures, and we don’t want you to be a victim of that just because you want to check out something incredible here at Bit Rebels. You have been warned… enjoy the awesomeness! The band is a Japanese and is called Androp, the song is fittingly called “Bright Siren.

250 Canon 60D Camera Video