Is Marijuana Legal In Maryland? – Here Are a Few Things You Should Know

The legalization of Marijuana for medical use has sparked a lot of debates around the world. A lot of countries have been considering legalizing not the use of marijuana in its raw form, but its derivatives, as an alternative medicine to some illnesses that are otherwise not helped by conventional drugs. Some conservative countries are rejecting the idea entirely, discounting much the research about the benefits of it when taken into its medical form.

There are countries that took both sides of this argument and have maintained illegality of the drug but have made exceptions to the usage of it for medical reasons. In the USA, laws, and policies differ per state when it comes to this issue. Maryland is strictly imposing illegality of using recreational Marijuana but has exemptions for using the medical one. The only plants that can be used in the production of these products should be grown in Maryland.

If you have an illness or condition that can be aided by it, you should be able to get a certification from a medical doctor if you are qualified to avail of the medical products. Products are available at places called medical dispensaries. If you are allowed to cure yourself using these, here are some of the best dispensaries from where you can find them.

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This dispensary prides itself on the reputation of being a company for the people of Maryland. They operate from the cultivation of the plant to making the final products available at their stores in three locations namely Joppa, Silver Spring, and Bethesda. They also have stores in other states including Florida, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

In the cultivation of their plants, they push themselves in creating new horticultural methods through data-driven science and innovative techniques. They have been known to provide superb customer care and service. Upon checking their website, you would find educational resources providing information on the uses and different benefits you can get from medical marijuana.

They also list useful information in getting a medical card, making some recipes, getting the right products for you, and providing a map of where it is legal. It would be a direct answer to the question, “Is marijuana legal in Maryland?” Although most of the states have enacted its use to full medical or limited medical use only at the moment, the number is rising every year as new studies emerge and new regulations are made to prevent it from being abused and misused.


This company was founded in 2013 and has been getting plenty of great reviews since then. They have various store locations including Maryland and they pride themselves with their top-notch selection of award-winning flower strains and other products.

They encourage their customers to experience the difference they offer because patients can walk-in their stores and have personalized services from their expert staff. They also operate on a rewards-system which they claim to be the best in the industry in which you can earn points with every purchase and redeem them so you can save when you buy your favorite products.

Their constant patrons can get exclusive discounts and information privilege on their latest events. Their company has a cancer relief program wherein they give discounted access to their products. They have extended his offer to veterans as well.

Mary and Main

This dispensary is owned by a mother and daughter duo and both have been taking the industry with huge success despite being a new player in the industry. Transitioning from the dental industry, the maternal figure from this company wanted to extend the care she has given to her patients by helping alleviate the lives of patients with debilitating diseases. They offer top quality medicine since they started operating in August 2018.

As stated on their website, their primary mission is to provide safe and premium quality cannabis products paired with their compassionate service. They help in providing educational information about any health struggle and give advice on personal choices. You can also check out classes they offer that cover various topics which include healing, vaping vs. smoking, history, and legalization among others.

Nature’s Care And Wellness

NCW is a premier dispensary located in Perryville, Maryland. They are composed of professional staff that promotes patient wellness by providing holistic care in their safe and welcoming environment. They offer online purchasing and delivery to your doorsteps in times when it is difficult for patients to leave the house and get their medication supplies themselves. When you want to go and visit their store instead, you’d be greeted with a positive attitude from their staff.

Their services include a free consultation for certified medical cannabis patients wherein they are given guidance by their staff and are given the opportunity to browse their different products and opt for an express pick-up at their store. They provide other extensive educational information on their website from cannabis dispensing, medical cannabis card help, and even finding a medical cannabis doctor.

Bloom Medicinals

This dispensary is located in Germantown, Maryland and family-owned. They provided one-on-one interaction with their patients with their staff. Their staff is led by healthcare professionals and they only have licensed cultivators to work only with the highest standard operations to provide high-quality medical marijuana. They have a system linked with Maryland’s database which ensures that all their products are traced, secured, and fresh at all times.

The dispensary also partners with other research institutions, medical schools, and other leading authorities and experts to get ahead with the latest and best products based on scientific research. With their experience and intense profile, they could give the best services and products to patients in need of the medical wonders of marijuana.

The debate on whether marijuana should be legal or illegal can now be overstepped by the ways it can contribute to the wellness and health of patients whose needs cannot be addressed by conventional medicine. With existing laws and regulations giving limited access to people who are certified to be in dire condition, the benefits of this plant can help to improve their overall being as they strive for recovery.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended for people living in countries where the usage of cannabis is illegal. Respect the law in your country and/or state and always get all the permits and follow all the regulations.

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