Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” | Legolized

He is the biggest star to ever grace a music video on MTV. He is the legend no one else will come close to. He changed the music industry forever and opened the door for black artists to have their videos on MTV. Michael Jackson did so many things all of us deadly people could just dream of doing. Hi talent went beyond any measurable scale and his videos stopped us all in our daily life. He was pure energy defined.

When Michael Jackson released his single “Thriller” not even the record company believed in it. Michael had to stand his ground telling them it was the best choice they could choose. He even had an idea about how to bring it to the screen. But when he explained it to the executives they shook their heads and bluntly said no. Michael who still believed in his idea went on and paid for the “Thriller” video himself and when it was release it sealed the greatest and the best selling album of all time. It stayed on the Billboard Top 100 for 80 consecutive weeks and stayed at the #1 spot for 37 weeks in a row. The video became a legend and everyone started wearing exactly what Michael Jackson wore.

Now, 104 million albums later it’s still considered the greatest song ever and is considered the epic success of an artist which has never before or since been duplicated by anyone.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see “Thriller” from another perspective? Well, now you can! “Thriller” has been leoglized! Yup, it seems it is the new trend and it means that the whole video is recreated using only and just Lego as prop. Even though this clip is quite old and the quality is more than questionable I can’t but marvel over the genuine creativity and the inspiring craftsman work. This is a must see!