Millennium Falcon Skirt Is All About The Ultimate Fandom

There is a growing community out there called cosplay, which I am sure most people who read our articles know all about. The creations these people make and wear are always beyond our wildest imaginations, and creative to the point where you start wondering if they are really real, if you know what I mean. The outfits have become so intricate that they could easily and seamlessly be props in all kinds of movies. They are that good! But every once in a great while, there are things that come along that aren’t quite like everything is supposed to be. In fact, they are way more imaginary and impressive. They may not be very refined, but that makes a whole lot more sense, in a way.

Jennifer Landa, or Landa Calrissian as she likes to call herself, is all about Star Wars it seems. Last year she sported the awesome Death Star Dress that Diana wrote about. This year she is determined to switch sides to the rebels, and she decided to create the geeky Millennium Falcon Skirt. Yeah, it’s just as geeky as it sounds, no exceptions. It might not be the most gracious of dresses, but that’s not what fandom is all about. Show them curves, lines and thrusters, and you will be noticed. It’s just how it is.

This would be great for shopping in a world where sci-fi is no longer just a word, but a reality. You would be able to cruise along the isles and pick up exactly what you’re looking for. There would be no need to worry about the enemies either since they would most likely not even be able to spot you with your lightspeed all in gear. How can you top this? I mean, first the Death Star and now the Millennium Falcon dress? I guess this is just the beginning for Jennifer and her brain full of pure creativity. Props and mad fandom!



Via: [Technabob]