Millennium Falcon Turntable Is The Fastest Record Player Ever

It’s hard to write about technology on a day like this. After all, it’s April 1st and everything you put on the Internet is thought to be an April Fools joke. I have consciously stayed away from everything that could come across as an April Fools joke. It ain’t easy, I can tell you that! When it comes to cool stuff, I doubt anything can beat a bit of retro custom building skills. That must have been what the builder, Marco of Picotek Design, thought too when he built this Millennium Falcon retro turntable.

When it comes to cool custom builds, it seems Star Wars has always been the most creative outlet. Maybe it is the Star Wars franchise itself that makes it such a cool one to use. Or, maybe it is because of the fact that there are more creative Star Wars fans out there than anything else. I don’t know really, but this Millennium Falcon turntable can certainly hold its own.

Marco’s own story of how the Millennium Falcon turntable came to existence is quite a remarkable one. He said he bought the toy Millennium Falcon for a mere $2.00 since there were a few bits and pieces missing. At the time, he didn’t have a use for the Millennium Falcon toy so he tucked it away for a few years before one day deciding to do something with it. It’s a retro toy that deserves every bit of extra retrofication, so he combined the Millennium Falcon with a Technics 1200 turnable, which is also a retro piece.

The result is quite impressive and should make any DJ or vinyl fanatic drool out of sheer greed. Showcasing (and of course using) one of these in your home would definitely increase your geek cred. No matter what you do, people will always notice your awesomeness when you have a Millennium Falcon turntable as your primary source of music. However, it’s getting harder and harder to find these toys, especially the ones from the first batch of released products, so it might be a little bit costly and careless to gut one and shove a turntable into it. This Millennium Falcon turntable is a thing of beauty though, and it definitely has the right to exist. I sure wouldn’t mind having one of these. Impressive!

Marco’s Custom Built Millennium Falcon Turntable


Via: [Technabob] [Obvious Winner]