MirrorBook Air: The Ultimate Ladies Beauty Accessory

As a guy, I am just like any other guy, meaning that I have no idea why girls, women, ladies or whatever else you want to call the beautiful female creation of humanity, carry around their entire lives in their handbags. Maybe it’s just a fashion statement, or maybe they really need all those things to brighten up their every day lives. It’s always amazing to see what quantities they manage to cram down into those designer purses or handbags that sometimes look to be like something taken straight from a Harry Potter movie. I mean, seriously, are those things bottomless or is it just me that doesn’t really understand the concept of superior packing?

This article is definitely not going to favor my doubts about life being better with a bag full of things on your back every second of the day. This counteracts that statement to the point where I am even starting to wonder why I am really writing about it. Weird huh? Well, if you wonderful creatures of the world don’t think you have enough stuff to carry around, maybe this thing will be a great addition to that massive mountain of accessories you keep insisting to put in your handbag.

It’s the MirrorBook Air for every geek girl who ever walked the face of the earth. It’s simply one of those pocket mirrors (or whatever you call it) in the shape and form of a MacBook Air, of course! Yeah, no geeky without the beauty! For around $12, this geeky girl accessory could make you the chicest lady in the club. It comes with a detailed keyboard and everything. So, if you can’t live without your computer while going clubbin’ or to the restaurant then go get it. We need more women in technology. #JustSaying

MirrorBook Air Laptop Lady Accessory

MirrorBook Air Laptop Lady Accessory