Mod World: White iPhone, Game Boy and HTC All Bundled!

The mod world just gets crazier and crazier by the minute. If it’s not steampunk, it’s a coffee table that you can play on. It just never stops, and that’s a good thing. But where does a mod begin and end just to become something else? It seems just because something looks like something it’s a mod, but in the real world, it’s just a fake that looks like a modded real thing. Yeah I know, it’s quite hard to keep the brain cells in the same position for this one.

In all honesty, there seems to be a lot of things out there today that are nothing other than a freak mashup of everything and nothing. So how do we know if something is real or not? The latest iPhone is a perfect example of that. Before its reveal, there were countless rendered fakes that said it was the real thing. Even the real thing, when exposed, was dismissed as a fake at first.

It’s with the help of videos such as the one from KOMgoteking that we know that anything is possible. In this freakish video, a white iPhone, a Game Boy and a HTC cell phone are all bundled into a single gadget. However, don’t expect it to do much though because at the end of the day, it’s all just fake.

The YouTube clip shows something that resembles a Frankenstein gadget which freakishly has been put together to do something. What the purpose is, I have no idea, but I have to admit that it looks kind of sweet. Maybe the HTC phone is real, and the Game Boy is a shell. The white iPhone is definitely not real. Now do you see what I mean?