Money Art: The Awesome Nerdery Of Money Folding

If you have a couple of bucks left over after paying bills (not likely in today’s economy but keep reading), you might want to venture out into the land of imagination and create something that will not only give you a project to do for the next couple of hours, but also cheer someone else up with the sheer coolness of your skills. Well, it all depends on whether or not you have the patience to learn the skills in the first place because folding money, like origami, isn’t exactly something you’re born knowing how to do.

Wouldn’t it be a nice trick to swing up a Benjamin (after all, cash is king) on your first date, and before the waiter comes around to pick up the payment, you fold it into something unearthly and magic. The impressive skill you’d showcase would probably not guarantee you a second date, but you would have at least left an impression, at least with the waiter.

Even though it’s one of those nerdy skills to learn, I can’t dismiss the fact that it’s a pretty entertaining one too. I might be lame in saying that, but these foldings aren’t exactly your average Joe’s pocket tricks. They have a more substantial level of sincerity and intellectuality. I have just found these, and yet I can’t stop staring at them. I need to learn this nerdery soon.

I remember the first time I saw a dollar bill folded, that time as a shirt, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. That lasted about a day or two before my whole school new the trick except me. You see, I was more interested in the finer arts of programming and music. Guess you have to give up your fair share of awesomeness just to be inducted into the class of ordinary geeks. But hey, what we wouldn’t do just to feel the wind in our hair and the glasses almost falling off, right?

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Money Bill Animal Art Folding

Via: [9Gag]