Multitasking Picture Frames Become Creativity Boosters

Time is a valuable commodity that most of us take for granted.  But for all of us, the day will come when we realize that it’s not going to last forever.  Then we will suddenly realize that there are things that we wish we would have done, but now don’t have the time to.  It’s a somewhat bleak thought that always keeps us on our toes as soon as we start to think about it.  Most of us geeks are continuously trying to make our daily chores more effective and less time consuming in order to fit in all the other stuff that has our attention.  It’s most likely something fun and interesting that we have wanted to do for a long time.  But how can we make our days a little bit more optimized when we don’t even know where to start optimizing?

Well, if you are a recycler, just like us here at Bit Rebels (or at least we try to be as much as we can), you can start by looking at that junk you always haul up to the attic claiming it’s just for storage.  You secretly know that it should probably be hauled off to the dump where someone else will recycle it or crush it to something less recognizable.

But in all honesty, have a look in all of those boxes in your storage room and try and find yourself some old, worn and ultimately overused picture frames, and you can create something truly amazing.  Fabio, who I presume is a kick ass recycler, has created the Wall of Creativity.  It boosts the speed of everything mundane and boring through the day and assembles it in one place.  Once you’re there, you can do everything at once.  There’s no more waiting, walking, looking or searching.  Pull up to the wall and become optimized.  Recycling can certainly be the kick ass solution to a lot of time issues.  Brilliant Fabio!

Frames Serving As Creativity Holders

Picture Frames Become Creativity Boosters

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