NES Beads: The World Of NES Games In Stop Motion Beads

It’s been done for many years now, and it comes in several different forms and shapes.  The materials used are always different, but the technique used is the same. You move around some stuff, take a picture, and then you do that again a couple thousand times until you have your finished movie.  Even Tim Burton himself has done it many times to create some of his legendary mystical movies.  Usually (if we’re stepping out of the movie industry for a second), the stop motion technique is used by geeks to create elaborate animations that trail the old school and retro gaming scene.  I am, of course, talking about either arcade gaming or the ultimate console Nintendo NES.

This time, it’s the world of NES gaming that is portrayed in what seems to be an unlimited number of beads.  Yup, you know, those little plastic things you carefully put on a studded plate to form whatever pattern you had in mind.  They are the ones that when you were finished, you asked your kindergarten teacher to iron just so that you could easily take it home to add to your already epic collection.

Created by Eric Odmyr, there is no doubt that you are brought right back in time to when you were a little kid playing away.  After all, the world revolved around the fact that you had to finish a game or you would forever be the lamer in the group of geeks.  This stop motion animation depicts that retro feeling, and you’ll be surprised how it will spark your uncontrolled urge to play some Nintendo NES games once again.  Brilliant!

Super Mario Beads Stop Motion

Megaman Beads Stop Motion Animation