Ninja’s Unboxing: Google Nexus S Unboxing Breaks YouTube!

If you have ever bought a new product, you know that the unboxing of it is the most special time. The time after that is pretty much downhill as you find more and more things you would have liked in the device you just bought. It’s true I tell you. With technology advancing so fast, it’s only days before you realize you could have gotten something a lot cooler for the same amount of money and there is no going back. Well, of course you could return it and act like you didn’t like it or something. However, I am pretty sure that is against your geeky self respect.

Well, if you want to peak inside a box before you buy a product, then I suggest hitting it up on YouTube and look at the unboxing there. That should give you more than enough information about what you are about to get yourself in to. Just make sure you aren’t watching the wrong ones cause that could easily sidetrack you into not buying it at all. Keep a clear mind and have your own opinion.

So, I hit up the Google Nexus S unboxing on YouTube and found myself gasping for air, and that’s not because the product itself was of the extreme nature. Nope, the reason is way more legit, and I feel like revealing it right here, but I want you to experience it yourself. So just head off in the right direction and watch the Ninja Unboxing of the Google Nexus S. It will be well worth the time. #JustAmazinglyCreative!