Sobro Cooler Coffee Table Is The Ultimate Geek Furniture

The Sobro Cooler coffee table, designed by StoreBound, deserves a standing ovation from the tech crowd. This coffee table is so technologically advanced it sits in a class all its own. It is not just another piece of furniture. The only thing the Sobro cannot do is talk, and if it could, you would imagine it to be very angry for being singled out as simply a piece of furniture.

The Sobro Cooler coffee table has been ingeniously engineered with fun and relaxation in mind. But, it also has aesthetics that is designed to be easy on the eyes with its curved, rounded edges. How can you not lay their eyes on the glossy surface and be completely mesmerized by its simplistic beauty and classic charm.

What makes this the perfect coffee table is the HiFi speakers. Not only are they compatible with most TVs, however, they work with a cell phone, iPad, and with MP3 players as well. Imagine being able to listen to your favorite movie in high-definition right from your coffee table in front of you. You never again have to panic if you are watching a movie on a mobile device and it begins to die. The Sobro has multiple USB ports available for charging.

Not only are the sound of the speakers incredibly satisfying, they are also transmittable over Bluetooth. This allows more electronics to be connected and your system could help towards the ultimate movie experience. This could make for a fun night of video gaming with friends while zombie cries are booming through your coffee table speakers.

The Sobro Cooler coffee table is cool because of its cooler, no pun intended. The cooled drawer works similarly to your refrigerator and freezer. The only difference is that it’s way more intelligent and, well, amazing.

The cooler is divided into two parts. Each part has its own temperature control system. You can make one side ice cold for freezer items while keeping the other side the appropriate temperature for refrigerated items. This cooler table is an excellent choice for any tech fanatic out there. For a family who likes to enjoy game nights, this cooler table would be the ultimate addition to the experience.

[pullquote]Imagine using the Sobro as your home bar. It would serve all the purposes you could ever ask for.[/pullquote] The best part is that you can store an array of beverages in the cooler compartments. You can even chill wine at just the perfect temperature depending on the type of wine you prefer.

You can jam to the best tunes all night long without the need of a separate device. Since the Sobro already has speakers and Bluetooth technology, no extra speakers or sound system is required. Just start your favorite playlist on replay and enjoy the almost outlandish experience.

The only thing the Sobro cannot do keep the snack trays full. So, make sure you leave a little extra on top of the coffee table so the guests won’t have to go through the horrifying experience of snacks running out. Do not forget to turn on the ambient light function this table comes apt with. For a party, it’s the ultimate chill factor. You will no doubt get rave reviews when the coffee table joins the party with its ambient lighting. Yup, it’s that awesome!

The Sobro Cooler coffee table is currently in kickstarter mode and even though the campaign over at Indie Go Go still has over a month to go, the project is already funded with 1,167 backers (at the time this article published). If you want one, head over to the campaign page and order one for a mere $649.00 USD. The retail price is estimated to somewhere around $1,500.00 USD, so hurry up if you want a sick discount on the price.

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table – The Ultimate Geek Furniture

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