Now All Of You Smart People, Try Solving This One!

So after a while, you manage to finish up the Rubik’s Cube. You are fairly skilled in pretty much any programming language there is, and math is your closest friend. You might even have a crack at becoming a member of MENSA (or at least that’s what you think). But hold up a second there. Before you run out the door and start looking for the locations where you can apply for a test to join the smartypants group, you might just have a look at this. It might just change that cockiness you’re experiencing, and bring you back to the soil all of us deadly people walk on.

The new GEAR WHEEL IQ Cube might put you in a brain lock you won’t be able to ditch for some time. It’s a new brain toy that is smarter and more technical than the ordinary, now intellectually surpassed, Rubik’s Cube. How long it will take you to solve it is pretty much up to how simple you find solving patterns in three dimensions.

This new toy is available over at and will only set you back about $12. It’s a smart investment if you are bored with the mundane and awkward everyday pastimes like watching a soap on TV or watching the washing machine spin (seriously, who does that?). There are a slew of brain toys out there that might keep you busy but first try this one out and I am sure all of those other ones will be a breeze to solve. Now, aren’t there any smart people out there that will give this a try? Let us know how it went and speak the truth. No one likes a wannabe geek. lol