Now You Can Have A Spy Camera On Your Shirt!

I grew up watching spy/action movies. My favorite was 007 because I thought the gadgets he used were totally awesome. I never thought I would be a gadget lover when I grew up. He had watches that not only told the time, but doubled as a recorder. Also, who could forget his shades that doubled as a spy camera? When I watched that when I was young, I always said to myself, how cool it would be if these weren’t just made for the movies? Now, decades later, we see them available for people to purchase and actually use!

I found this cool t-shirt from Think Geek. You can now take pictures of people without them knowing about it. This is called the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt, and it sells for $39.99. When will you use this spy camera? Well, maybe you have some stuff missing in your office, and you want to find out who took it. Maybe you already suspect someone, but you don’t have proof. This camera can be your best solution for solving the mystery. This t-shirt is really unique, but remember it’s always good to respect the privacy of people around us. It always good to use caution when using these kind of electronic gadgets. I included some pictures and video so you can see it in action!