Now You Can Have Your Own Personalized Superhero Figurine

If you have watched a lot of superhero movies in your days, you have probably at some point thought about being a superhero yourself. I think all of us do, if just for a fraction of a moment. It seems to be in our nature that we are fascinated by abnormal superpowers, and how they are used. I mean, there are superheroes in the world who are perfectly normal people. They just happen to do something that puts the cameras of the world on them for what they did. It’s usually called being a “hero,” and it will most likely put the do-gooder in his or her 15 minutes of the fame spotlight.

After that, you pretty much have to do something spectacular in order to once again convince everyone that you continuously do good deeds for the world, like the usual superheroes do, if you know what I mean. But don’t fret! There are of course other ways that you can become a superhero, just not in the real world and of course not as dangerously. There is now a service put together by Firebox that will enable you to create your very own superhero figurine. By using a sophisticated 3D scanning technology, they will be able to take your head, with the use of a couple of photographs, and mold a superhero figurine head and put it on a superhero body. That’s pretty much it!

After that, you can put your little figurine on your office table and act like you’re the king of the world. If anything, this is a great way to make people feel special by giving them a superhero figurine on their birthday. That should pretty much work for anyone, but geeks will most likely be above joyful if they were to receive one of these badboys. So, just head over to Firebox and start “superheroing” your figurine together. It will cost you a bit, £79.99 to be exact, but I guess that is a cheap price to pay to become a superhero with your own superpowers, right?




Via: [Walyou]