Oldschool Arcade Games | In Lego

I was born at a time which made me the primary target group for any new home arcade console system during the mid 80’s. And boy was I the target and the victim. I remember getting my own system when I was like 8 and I played that thing until it cracked on me. I played all of these games, ALL of them. Asteroids was a favorite as it enabled you to play it quite often without it ever being the same. Pac Man was not one of my most favored games as it always seemed a little repetitive.

What really strikes me today is that we are all about war and how we can affect it. Where did games like Cyan’s Myst and likes go? I don’t want to sound like an ignorant parent (really I am NOT that old) but it seems we’re missing the educational value of things. I mean, to take “Myst” as an example it was all about solving puzzles. Unfortunately things didn’t work out quite like Cyan had foreseen and the genre somewhat died with their failure. But, one puzzle like hobby has been the top toy for as long as my lunges have been breathing. And that is Lego.

I was joyfully surprised when I found this clip reincarnating some of the games I played when I was just a little boy. It’s awesome to see how timeless these pieces of artwork is brought to life in so many different ways. Now, try and picture Modern Warfare 2 legolized. Thought so, you can’t. That’s what I mean…the games before was better. Err, or maybe just simpler… In any given way enjoy!