Out of the Ordinary!

What catches your attention most when you go around shopping malls or supermarkets. Most of the time its the ones that are out of this world or the unusual ones. Most products produced are packaged or designed to be unusual just serve that purpose, gets you to stop and look. Found some neat ones and they did catch my attention.  First up is Promotional umbrellas.  The Promotional Umbrellas are distributed each year all around the world.  I don’t think same as the one who found it, that  in the promotional strength of this product, for sure it’s print surface is huge, but first of all the promotional umbrella will only promote while it’s raining and besides this when it rains nobody looks up, everybody keeps his face downwards to hide away from the rain.

The PUMA Pitcrew really knows how to work their magic. Watch as they transform a Ferrari display into a motorsport masterpiece using their creative mastery with the official PUMA Ferrari clothing range.

6 How about a Blue Ketchup? Most are used to the red tomato based ketchup. According to the EXTREME BLOG – The concept seems to have taken on a general air of failure in more recent years, meaning that most people assume that that the green, orange, purple and blue ketchups weren’t a collective hit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Heinz began the collection in 2000 with “Blazin’ Green,” likely because green is a nearly natural color for something edible, and not as offensive as, say, purple. The product’s success was absurd. Kids ate the shit up. Smartly, the “EZ Squirt” bottle was designed with a very tiny blowhole, which allowed ketchup eaters to properly draw faces all over their hamburgers with a manageable stream of jet-powered green ketchup.

With sales so high, Heinz waited a while before debuting the other colors. In fact, they waited around two years. The follow-up colors weren’t as much of a smash hit, but I think that had more to do with parents finding blue ketchup disgusting than kids not being into it. With green, it’s been said that many consumers assumed that Heinz used green tomatoes — weird but acceptable, if totally untrue. Blue ketchup, sadly, had no organic roots to cling to.

Plus here is a razor blade promo with eggs with faces on them. Really did not get what this is for. But came from Marketing alternatif a French Blog. source real cool to look at thugh.