Pac-Man Poncho Will Have You Chasing The Rain

We have now come to the geekiest item of the day. It’s one of those moments when you just say “WTF!” but with the sense that what you are looking at makes perfect sense, even though it doesn’t. It’s when you stumble over those “items” that you know you’ve hit nerd nirvana, right? With companies trying to outdo each other with new geeky things on pretty much a daily basis, we can’t help but marvel over the ingenuity that some of them showcase with just a simple means like a print or a geeky idea. It is likely never going to stop either since the community of geeks is forever growing. And with every new geek, there seems to be an incentive to push out yet another geeky product, you know what I mean?

Today I am going to introduce you to one of the most interesting ponchos you have probably ever seen. The 8-bit community, by the way, is expanding like it was on steroids. With Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, winning the BAFTA special award for making a lifetime contribution to the gaming industry with his 8-bit game, things like this Pac-Man Poncho should totally be in the trend zone and be likely to cut through geeks’ wallets like a hot knife through butter.

It’s made available by the company with the genius name, I Want One Of Those, and it will mind control you to shed at least $10 for it. It’s a worthy price for such a geeky accessory, and it will have you chasing the rain before you know it. After all, there is no chance you will be chased by a steroid infused yellow circle gobbling up pretty much everything in its path. All you have to worry about with this one is to keep yourself inside it and all should be good. It’s a badass geeky way to stay dry when the skies are falling, if you ask me.



Via: [Technabob]