Papercraft Replica Of Crysis Nanosuit 2.0 Is Pure Mastery

I recently stumbled over an origami book called Star Wars Origami that I thought was the pinnacle of cool. As I paged through the various designs and tried to do some research about their level of difficulty (I love patterns, especially mathematical ones), I realized that they were all quite intricate. As I was doing that research though, something else quickly stole my attention away from those Star Wars origami creations. It was something far more epic. It was something I hadn’t seen before when it comes to papercraft replicas.

If you have ever been a fan of papercraft creations, you know there are some people out there who are quite good at it. Forget everything that has to do with origami, these people are doing things that origami could probably never accomplish as far as the level of detail of this particular thing. It is a papercraft replica of the Crysis nanosuit 2.0. Some of you might know what I am talking about.

For the ones who don’t, it’s a pretty impressive game created on the latest most advanced game engine when it comes to 3D photo realistic gaming. The creator, Crytek, did an amazing job, and the detail is just beyond the scope of perfection. It was supposed to be part of the promotion for their most recent Crysis game, but it never made it since it is has a 10-page tutorial. You can actually download this, and give it a try yourself. Even though it doesn’t stand very high above the ground, it is still one of the most advanced papercraft replicas you will ever have the pleasure of assembling, at least for right now. Who knows, sometime in the future we might see a whole lot more of these amazing mathematical papercraft replicas all for our assembling pleasure.

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Via: [Technabob]