Photoshop Fan Tattoos Toolbar On Arm For Reality Photoshopping

There are a lot of people who are addicted to social media and what it has to offer. The addiction has become so severe that social media detox plans have been put together for the people who can’t handle it anymore. People will most likely not admit they have an addiction easily, which is of course the first sign of a real addiction. People also seem to display their addiction differently. Some people just ignore sleep, food and all kinds of necessities in life. Some people ignore friendships, loved ones and the growth of their personalities. But it’s not just social media that spawns unusual addictions, Photoshop fans now seem to exhibit the addiction as well.

It’s not so surprising that designers become Photoshop fans after a while. I mean, it’s probably the most used tool in their profession. It’s a profession that can easily make reality a whole lot more refined, retouched and perfected. Photoshop has become the most efficient tool to perfect what people think is flawed. Keep in mind here that I wrote “what people think is flawed” because that is exactly what it is about. A person can never be perfected. We are all different in our own ways, nature saw to that.

For Photoshop fans, the use of their favorite application is quite simply not enough sometimes, at least not for this Photoshop fan girl who decided to tattoo the Photoshop toolbar onto her arm. We can only speculate as to the reason why she did this. Maybe her addiction made her feel like she wanted to Photoshop her reality in a way that no one else really could, through smiles. Good strategy? Well, it’s up to each and every person to decide what they want to ink onto their bodies. I have to admit though, when new versions of Photoshop are released, it might be hard to upgrade that tattoo. But then again, Photoshop fans are as retro as everyone else, so maybe sporting the earlier version just won’t matter. Photoshop fans of the world, use your addiction to change people’s moods instead of their realities.

Photoshop Fan Toolbar Arm Tattoo

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Via: [Technabob]