Play Nintendo On A Nintendo Cartridge

Yo Dawg, I heard you like Nintendo games…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Now, I’m sure there’s more than one child of the nineties here who remembers the Nintendo console. I’ll always hold a special place for it in my heart. The SNES might’ve been the first console I owned, but the NES was the first console I ever played- and you always remember your first. I’m sure there are many of you in the audience who’d wholeheartedly agree.

Love it or not though, you’ve gotta admit, the original Nintendo was…pretty bloody ugly. It’s big, gray, square, and bulky- all sharp edges and drab plastic. Although there’s a certain charm to it, it looks nothing like the ergonomic, aesthetically designed consoles of today.

This fellow, a french console modder who goes by the handle “Kotomi,” agrees. After spending a fair bit of time making custom cases and prettying up his gaming machines, he decided to go all out. In his case, this meant taking an entire Nintendo Console (or Famicom as it’s sometimes called) and somehow managing to compact it down into a Mario Brothers gaming cartridge. I’ll repeat that once more, for posterity’s sake.

He put an entire Nintendo into a Nintendo cartridge.

The controllers plug into what was formerly the cartridge’s plug-in port, AV goes into the top, and the AC adapter is on the cartridge’s left side. The front features a slot into which you can plug Nintendo games, along with the power and reset buttons. Damned if I know how he actually pulled this one off- the blog post about it isn’t exactly clear to begin with, and since I don’t speak French, I have to rely on Google translate…interesting functionality.

Still, it’s a bloody impressive mod, and it’d make for a great conversation piece, to boot. More pictures of the console-cartridge can be seen below.


Famicartridge mod controller jacks


Image Credit: [Kotomi Blog]