Pokeball Headphones: The Retro Geek Way To Rock Out

Since we love music and gaming, it’s really no surprise that we’ve written about a lot of different kinds of headphones on Bit Rebels over the years. My favorite ones, until today, are the Princess Leia Hair Headphone Covers that we featured about a month ago. They are guaranteed to make every Star Wars geek in your whole neighborhood jealous of your Jedi-like Princess Leia cinnamon bun hair.

When I saw these retro Pokeball headphones today, I instantly fell in love with them. These hand painted clip-on beauties are so much fun, and if you are a Pokemon fan, I have no doubt you’ll like them too.

These definitely go on the list of geeky headphone must-haves. They were created by Etsy user ketchupize. She creates all kind of custom art for headphones, and you can view her entire collection in her Etsy store. She accepts custom orders, so if you’d like to have this same design in a different color, or a different design altogether, she can make it for you! Since each pair is painted by hand, no two are the exactly the same. These sell for about $27, which is a small price to pay to own the coolest headphones on the block.

Geek Pokemon Homemade Headphones

Geek Pokemon Craft Headphones

Geek Pokemon Music Headphones

Via: [So Geek Chic]