Professor Smashes Laptop – Anger Management?

We have all been in class, getting irritated at something or someone making an unnecessary amount of noise. Teacher usually expel the student from the particular class after having told the student several times to be quiet or stop doing whatever it is that he or she is doing. Well, there are some teachers that actually take that extra step too far over the line and create awkward moments meant to last…for years to come.

This happened in a french school during what seems to be a math class. A student comes to class late and the teacher starts to get irritated by him questioning his way of teaching. He points out errors in calculations and acts arrogant towards the teacher as well as the other students in the class. This in turn leads to the climax of the clip…

Yup, you’re right…it was just a ploy and I am sure this Aprils fools joke will be remembered as one of the highlights in the school’s history.

BUT, here is the REAL thing…