R2-D2 Baby Costume: Definitely The Droid You’re Looking For

There is only one kind of Star Wars costume that is better than the fabulous ones we’ve featured time and time again, and that is a baby Star Wars costume. We’ve already written about the Yoda baby hat and the baby bump turned into a Death Star, but today I have something to show you that I think trumps both of those. This is a handmade R2-D2 baby costume that is so cute, it might make you start squealing R2 blips and beeps the moment you see it.

This brilliant geek baby costume was created by Etsy user TheWishingElephant who you may have heard of before. Her baby sushi costume, which you can also see below, was featured on the Martha Stewart Show last fall.

Just for good measure, I also included a picture of her Nintendo onesie for all you gameboy lovers. The R2-D2 costume is definitely the best one though. If your baby wears this for Halloween, you could complement it and be C-3PO or Princess Leia. For only $38, it’s definitely worth it. It’s limited edition though, which I suppose means it’s only available for a limited time. You can check this out along with all of Carolyn’s other designs in TheWishingElephant‘s Etsy store.

It’s cute how so many people loved Star Wars throughout their childhood, and then when they become adults, they still watch it, and they pass the geek torch onto their children to spawn another generation of sci-fi lovers. It’s the whole reason why someday geeks will inherit the earth. If your baby is already showing signs of becoming a superhero, you might always want to check out these crocheted baby Batman and Robin costumes too. Either way, if you’ve got a geeky baby, we’ve got you covered with all kinds of goodies!

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Via: [So Geek Chic]