Real Batman Suit Is Stab And Slash Proof

Batman, perhaps one of the most recognizable superheroes ever created, has a suit that is about to be realized. It seems everyone is after that superhero glory these days. Everything from the Cyclops to the Wolverine is currently tinkered into reality. Batman has many cool tools and gadgets, but his most recognizable attribute is, of course, the suit. Now, a real Batman suit is being developed, and it is anything but boring.

It is Armatus Designs that is in the process of creating a real Batman suit that has the same properties as the movie suit. Constructed from Kevlar, quarter inch Kydex plating and impact resistant foam, the suit could be the fitting of a real-life superhero any day of the week.

In the video, the suit is tested to its limits! It’s stabbed, slashed and kicked, and nothing seems to affect the person wearing it. The question now is, is someone trying to become Batman for real? Who’s the billionaire behind the project and is his name, Bruce Wayne? I hate to disappoint you but the project is, as said, propelled forward by Armatus Designs and funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

The suit is lightweight and flexible. However, it will not make you unbeatable. This is merely a build to satisfy the creative adrenaline of the designers themselves. You could probably take on a streetfight in it, but I am pretty sure that the limited sized plating will not stop a barrage of bullets from every direction.

Creativity like this is what brings new technologies to the market, so who knows what this will bring us in the future. For now, however, you are best to let the police take care of the villains roaming the streets. They have the resources to take care of it. Homegrown superheroes simply do not, yet! Perhaps in a few years, we will all be wearing a modified suit like this one. I mean, we can’t all walk around dressed as Batman, can we? – This is, however, one of the most durable and resistant real Batman suits ever created.

Do you know of more superhero costumes that are currently being brought into reality? Let us know in the comment section below! We would love to hear what you have found!

Real Batman Suit – Slash & Stab Proof

Real Batman Suit Stab Proof

Real Batman Suit Stab Proof