Really Stupid Inventions

Inventions are there to make our lives easier and better.  But if there are good inventions that truly help mankind, there are also the so called stupid inventions.  Found these hilarious videos of a guy who actually has a channel on YOU TUBE and airs episodes on the different stupid inventions.  They are hilarious, check out the videos and be the judge.

The Pop Corn Sorter
Everyone loves popcorn, but what about those little unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag?

Whether you love to eat them, or wish you could put them back into the microwave…the folks here at Stupid Inventions have got you covered with the latest Stupid Invention, The Popcorn Sorter! Just pour your freshly made bag of popcorn into the device, and watch those kernels come out of the bottom onto a separate plate!

Feather Alarm Clock
Are you tired of having to wake up to that annoying Alarm Clock Buzzer every morning? Do you wish there was a quieter and more softer way to wake up?