Red Robots to Save the Day..

Anger management issues? CRUSH ALL HU-MANS! is 64 pages of definitive Red Robot cartoons selected from over 2,000 Diesel Sweeties comics. It’s a stand-alone book perfect for longtime fans, new readers and people with anger management problems.

Personalized books can be ordered with or without your name- either way, they will  be filling a page with apocalyptic murderbots.  If you’re ordering the book personalized, Red will be threatening to CRUSH the first name on your shipping address unless they are told otherwise!

Check out their other cool products:Red Robot Squishable – Holy cutes! Produced in extremely limited quantities by the fair trade toy gurus at Squishable, this chubby little Red Robot wants to get close to your heart… so he can tear it out with love.

Pocket Sweeties Volume 1 – Pocket Sweeties reprints more than 100 of the first DS comics, including strips that have never been online, character bios, and intro from rstevens and foreword by John Allison.  Pocket Sweeties is a 112 pages glossy, perfect bound full color. So small perfect for tossing in your pocket.