Retro 8-Bit Super Mario Ghostbusters Mashup

Some of you may have seen my post about the Depixelization Software that I wrote about the other day. It’s basically an algorithm that transforms pixelated retro game art into smooth and up-to-date graphics. I have a sneaky suspicion that it compiles it into vectors which in turn makes the art not only smooth and sleek looking, but also sizable into just about any size you want without losing any quality. It’s a great little trick that will most definitely get it’s own little chip someday, which will be highly popular among the modders around the world I am sure. However, some of us really want the old and ultimately retro pixelated art to be just what it is, pixelated art.

Just when you thought you were safe from all the mashups that we constantly receive and publish, here comes another one that will make you want to remake history, even if just a little bit. Super Mario has had its share of cool mashups through the years, and this one comes as no surprise really since it is not only one of the illest and thought provoking ones, but it’s also an interesting idea that I could totally see being created by some hacker somewhere as a home project for fun.

Designer and supposedly Nintendo NES fanatic Jesus Castañeda created the Super Mario Ghostbusters that will have you hunting the ghost of Super Mario in a heartbeat, or at least you’ll wish you could. It might not seem like much, but then again, just think about the limited resources at this designers disposal. To be able to use the limited number of pixels available to portray each character in Ghostbusters, yet still make them look like Super Mario characters, makes this piece of artwork nothing less than impressive.

Super Mario Ghostbusters Pixel Design