Retro Nintendo 64 Star Wars Tie Fighter Game Console

Since we love retro video games, we often write about them on Bit Rebels. My very first memory of playing a video game was when my father bought me an Atari. I sat in my hot pink bean bag chair and played Frogger all summer long. I was so fascinated with it, and it never got old.

I can remember playing video games for many years after I had my first Atari console. The video game arcades in the ’80s will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s nostalgic to think how valuable a quarter was back then. As we’ve always seen, the world of gaming moves super fast, and I was somehow able to talk my father into buying me a new console each time one came out. I specifically remember the Nintendo 64 because I got one around the same time I graduated from University.

Like any self-respecting geek, I remember spending many afternoons in Princess Peach’s castle on Super Mario 64 instead of putting together a resume and looking for a “real” job. Thank goodness Atlanta hosted the Olympics that year, and I was able to snag a job there. Now I could make enough money to buy my next console, which if I remember right was a PS2.

What are your earliest memories of playing video games? I think Richard asked this same question when he wrote The Evolution Of Video Game Controllers: Version 2.0. It’s fun to share those memories since, for gaming geeks like us, the different games throughout our lives form a timeline of special memories. Etsy member Kevin Glenn (CorellianCustoms) has managed to go where no other man has gone before. He’s combined my two loves, retro gaming and Star Wars, into one badass one-of-a-kind tie fighter Nintendo 64 console. You can learn more about how he made this, and even purchase it for $175 in his Etsy store.

Star Wars Nintendo 64 Console

Star Wars Video Game Console

Star Wars Video Game Console

Star Wars Video Game Console

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