Robots Are Now Marrying Humans – What’s Next?

The first step to us loving and accepting robots into our daily lives is to start giving them jobs that are typically only held by humans. We have to start accepting them on an emotional level, seeing them as our friends and not just a pile of metal and plastic. Here’s one way to do that…

This robot, named I-Fairy, officially wed a couple in Japan last Sunday. This cute as heck little robot with pigtails and adorned with flowers, married this couple in her tiny squeaky robot voice. Most sources on the Internet claim this is the first time a robot has married a couple; however, with a little digging, I found that a robot also married a couple in South Korea in 2007. You can read about that wedding here.

What’s next? David Levy, an Artificial Intelligence researcher, predicts that in about 50 years from now, if a woman doesn’t find an acceptable human mate, she might be open to the idea of marrying a robot. According to him, we may someday program our dream man to be exactly like we want him to be. I’m not ready to wrap my brain around that concept yet, I’m still trying to get over this video below.

[via news.discovery]