Rocket Hammer From Overwatch Now LEGOlized

LEGO builders of the world, listen up! The mad builds that you have previously shared with us are about to be overshadowed and rocketeered to the abyss by one of the most iconic LEGO builds yet. I am of course talking about a recent build completed by ZaziNombies, and it is as mad and crazy as your imagination allows it to be. The build in question is Overwatch tank Reinhardt’s unforgiving Rocket Hammer.

The weapon is one of legends and is favored by players all around the world. Not only is it epic looking but it’s also one of the most creative melee weapons in Overwatch. It is a massive build, measuring 5 feet in length, which proportions even make some humans feel small. If the rocket hammer is scale accurate, I don’t know, but compared to most LEGO builds it is anything but small.

It took ZaziNombies a cool 4,500 LEGO bricks to assemble it, and it weighs in at about 15 lbs (6.8 kg). Not exactly something you carry around if you are a mortal human. As a matter of fact, there are not many builds featuring the amount of detail that weighs in at that weight at all.

The only thing missing in the title is “fully functional”, but perhaps that is a good thing. There is no telling how long it took to build or how durable this basher is, but we assume it being a LEGO build it’s probably not comparable to the rocket hammer in the Overwatch video game.

For more detail we suggest you have a peek at the video below. Seeing this thing wielded is as epic as seeing it in pictures. LEGOlized science fiction weapons will always have a special place in our Bit Rebels’ hearts so if you know of a LEGO build that might overshadow this rocket hammer, please don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section below. Let’s tank! Let’s hammer! Let’s hammer tank! Or however this thing works.

Rocket Hammer From Overwatch LEGOlized

Rocket Hammer Lego Build Overwatch

Rocket Hammer Reinhardt Overwatch

Rocket Hammer Lego Build Overwatch