Romantic Venice City | Finally A Lego Build For The Ladies!

As Richard pointed out in his last post, Avatar Legolized | Insane Na’Vi Killer Helicopter, we have a lot of Lego articles here on Bit Rebels. I am a huge fan of Legos, and as I was looking at some of the mind blowing builds we’ve featured, one thing became very clear to me, most of them are very masculine.

Of course there would have to be a soft, feminine, romantic Lego build out there that still has the same personality and detail as all the manly ones do, right? I began looking for a Lego build that us geek girls could truly appreciate. (Not to offend any of my Ninja ass-kicking geek girlfriends, but I’m in a pretty-in-pink mood today)

I found it. It is beyond beautiful. This is Venice City legolized. This is one of my favorite Lego builds that I’ve seen. The detail is unbelievable really. The gondolas, the bridges, the water, how did they do it? I searched for an hour trying to find who built this, but the information must be hidden in someone’s basement somewhere.

Thank you to for the great pictures!