Avatar Legolized | Insane Na’Vi Killer Helicopter

I don’t know how many Lego articles we have here on Bit Rebels but I don’t care. Some of these builds are just too cool to miss out on sharing. The imagination of some of the builders is just stunning and it must take quite a while to get everything in its right place for the intended builds to come out just right. Even though this particular one doesn’t involve that many pieces, it’s still a wonder of mechanical achievement if you ask me.

If you think that your own creations were intricate and elaborate, then you had probably have not seen this little Avatar inspired piece yet. The builder has managed to get pretty much all of the movements and features locked and perfectly placed while managing to fit all the mechanics inside the helicopter. I marvel over the fact that when I look at it for a few seconds it looks amazingly simple. But, I am sure it wasn’t building this thing.

This Na’Vi killer has a cockpit that opens up, two twin blade rotors on each side that rotates opposite ways, a door to the cargo load bay area that opens and a directional actuator that enables you to control angle of the two twin blade engines separately. The technical skill it would take to build something like this just astounding.

At first glance the helicopter doesn’t look that big. It seems to be just a small little model that has some interesting features. But, watching the clip reveals that it’s actually quite big and must weigh quite a bit. It’s not something that your 5 year old kid will pick up and fly around in the house while making the infamous helicopter sound -“foff, foff, foff, foff”.

Avatar is a heck of a movie and this lives up to everything Avatar stands for. It’s an amazing feat and a nice little peek into what can be done if your head is where the Legos join together.