Scrabble Poem In Iambic Pentameter Created With All 100 Tiles

Today I was trying to think about who the geekiest person is that we’ve ever written about on Bit Rebels. We’ve written about some of the most incredible geeks in the world, so it really became an impossible task to choose the geekiest one. I guess if I had to pick my favorite, it would have to be the teenage girl who videoed herself balancing 15 books on her head, solving a Rubik’s cube and reciting pi to the 100th digit all at the same time. You can check out her and her geekdom right here.

Then of course there was the geekiest hermit crab in the world, who I have to be sure gets some props. He lives in a Lego shell instead of a seashell. His name is Harry, and you can see him in action here. He’s a smart little guy!

Whoever the person is who created this Scrabble poem with all 100 tiles has to be an extraordinary geek too. Not only is this poem a Scrabble lover’s dream, it is formed in perfect iambic pentameter, which is the poetic format that Shakespeare used when writing in verse. Iambic pentameter is all about the syllables (instead of rhyming), and each pair of syllables is called an iambus.

If you are wondering why this image of the poem itself is so small and fuzzy, it’s because it was uploaded to the Internet 12 years ago. Back then, this was probably as good as it gets. The person who originally posted this was Mike Keith, but I’m unclear about whether or not he was actually the one who composed the poem. You can read his blog post about it from January 2000 on A Scrabble Tile Poem. I can’t even imagine how long it would take to put this together. Amazing!


Via: [Hurricane Vanessa]