Secretly Take A Nap At Work: The Pillow Disguised As A Dictionary

This is another little goodie that comes to us from Japan. There’s two things that the Japanese people do a lot of, sleeping and working. So it makes sense that this Dictionary Desk Pillow would originate from there. By looking at the pictures in this article called Public Sleeping In Japan, it appears that the people who live in Japan aren’t very picky about being comfortable while sleeping either. That didn’t stop Japan Trend Shop from creating a cozy pillow for workaholics to sleep on when they need a little break.

If you are planning to take a nap at work, it can be tricky since you don’t want your boss to see you lugging a pillow in and out of the office, right? That problem is solved with this fluffy pillow disguised as a dictionary. You just bring this to work with you, put it on your bookshelf in your office and voila. As soon as the boss steps out for a meeting, you are ready for a quick snooze.

This is a great way to turn your office into a home away from home, or a great way to get a neck-ache, I haven’t figured out which one yet. If you’d like to pick one of these up, just visit the website. However, if you don’t speak Japanese, it might look kind of strange that you have a Japanese dictionary on your bookshelf. #justsayin

Secretly Nap At Work

Secretly Nap At Work Pillow

Secretly Nap At Work

Via: [Technabob]