The Inflatable Pillow Tie: Sneak Sleep On The Job

Sometimes waking up early in the morning can be anything but pleasant. There are a million things you can do though to make a day a pretty good one. However, going out into the rain and waiting for the bus aren’t exactly the most desirable things to endeavor into. On rainy days, usually we don’t have a choice if we want to keep our job and keep paying our bills. I am sure many people have had those days when they get to work and their body isn’t really in the same realm as they are if you know what I mean. You feel tired, and work doesn’t seem to progress at all. There is basically more work coming your way than you have the energy to finish.

When that happens, what better thing to do than to pull a little neat trick out of your sleeve, or tie rather. Maybe you have tried the power nap once or twice while sitting at your desk. It’s one of those undercover naps that your boss isn’t supposed to notice. Maybe you have even been caught doing it. So, here’s a trick for you. Use the Inflatable Pillow Tie to get that awesome power nap that everyone is dreaming of at work.

It’s a genius little invention that could possibly keep you working for days without anyone knowing you are actually sleeping. Just blow up the tie and rest on it. It’s the perfect sneak sleep, unless they catch you sleeping that is. That is something that no trick in the world can keep you from, so you need to keep one eye open while sleeping with the other one. Too tricky? Well then get the necessary sleep you need during the night, and all your problems should be gone. You can get this neat little tie over at Pillow Tie for around $20. That’s a steal to get some well deserved sneak sleep at work!

The Inflatable Pillow Tie Concept

The Inflatable Pillow Tie Concept

The Inflatable Pillow Tie Concept

Via: [OhGizmo!]