Secure Your Stuff: Top Hackable Passwords [Infographic]

It’s nothing new that we are all dependent on our passwords.  Without them, we wouldn’t have an Internet, or at least not all the different services we use every day.  Take Facebook for example, it’s a service used by 600 million people and growing fast.  If it was an open community with no passwords, it would be infinitely unsuccessful.  It would, as a matter of fact, just be a simple chat of sorts.  With a little bit of magic and a password, we’re able to present personal information in an orderly fashion.  Passwords can be used for many things, and they will become the backbone of our society one day, if they aren’t already.  All we can do really is make sure we’re keeping them safe from hackers or some people’s annoying malicious intent.

However, it’s easy to be sure you make it hard for a hacker to find out what your secrets are by just spending a nanosecond more on the password you’re using.  By thinking up something that only you can relate to is even harder than you think.  However, the time spent on finding a secure password for your accounts will pay off in the long run, that’s a promise.

There is nothing more irritating and frustrating than having your account hacked by someone just because, well… they can.  Usually hackers don’t do much damage more than to use your service for their own good.  However, on occasions they will delete, change or even pretend to be you and steal your identity.  So what are the most hackable passwords on the world?  ZoneAlarm put together a truly useful and cool infographic about passwords and what you should NOT use for your accounts.  Make it hard for the hacker to hack you, and you’ll send a strong message.

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Secure Your Passwords From Hackers