Siri vs. Furby: The Oddest Tech Conversation Ever Heard

If you are familiar with the saying that sometimes technologies “speak” to each other, you know that it means two devices can share information between the two. It doesn’t mean they actually talk. There are a lot of different expressions that tech geeks have come up with in order to simplify the explanations they have developed. However, things are rapidly changing, and we see more and more voice controlled gadgets launched on the market each day. This of course means that we are bringing in some kind of embodiment into our devices which makes them feel and come across just a little bit more human, or rather, intelligent.

With the release of Siri, things have gone from artificial stupidity to artificial responsiveness, and we all love it. For probably the first time ever there is a device that can actually talk to us and learn to respond correctly to questions “it” has never been asked before. This is a huge step in a primitive way of experiencing artificial intelligence. It took a major player like Apple to make it possible. After all, they have millions and millions of iPhone customers that are all now pushing their responses into the Siri database. As time goes by, we will see Siri get more and more “clever.”

However, what happens when we put two devices in front of each other and let them speak to each other for real? Well, YouTuber awarehead put Siri up to the challenge and made her have a little chat with the cuddly (or nightmarish, depending on how you look at it) Furby. Even though the conversation isn’t exactly of the more intelligent kind, it is still quite amusing if you ask me. It’s probably one of the first times that two different technologies have shared information through verbal interaction. I am quite baffled to be honest. Imagine ten years from now when your HomeBot is talking to your DeliveryBot about your next shipment. If that’s not creepy, I don’t know what is!

Siri Versus Furby Tech Conversation

Via: [Neatorama]